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If you have read my book you will know that I advise against applying to jobs (unless it is teaching English in China). But below are some websites and tactics I have used to land job interviews and jobs in China as well out.


This is the best job finding tool out there. However, do not waste time trying to apply for jobs. Instead you should look for companies that would hire someone like you to do a job, and find one of the owners or employees who know of current or upcoming openings (Owner, Directors, Presidents, Vice Presidents, HR) and send them an email telling them how you could help their company. You can also include a resume if you want. If you can’t find an email in their profile, go to the company website and look for an HR or Info email.

The job application system is extremely terrible and no one benefits from it (except maybe the websites that post them). Using LinkedIn and location-filtered searches, you will have a much higher rate of finding the right companies, and of getting an interview. I have found both of my past two jobs in this way including a job in China as a cultural liaison with an American salary.

Nstarts Consultants

This is a recruiting company I have used to land job interviews. At my previous company in China we also used it to find expats for positions. They cater to expats.

Delta Bridges

This is a forum for expats living in Guangdong province which also has a job application component. There are many such websites out there and as you know, I am opposed to the idea of wasting time applying to jobs. But I have a friend who did find a job as a chemist in Shenzhen using this website.