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Cheap Tickets

Website for booking plane tickets. Buy several months in advance to get the best deals.


Excellent Chinese website for booking flights and accomodation. It is primarily for Chinese cities but you can also search for international flights.

Hostel World

Website for finding and booking hotels and hostels all over the world.


Same as Hostel World.

Couch Surfing

Find stragers in other cities to stay with for free. This can be a good way to meet locals but can be a pain in the ass if you’re moving every few days and always need to liase with another person, espeically if you’re having trouble finding someone, which is common. I like to use it to meet up with people in my own city for coffee.

Virtual Tourist

Virtual Tourist is a social media site where users generate profiles of places to visit and give reviews, etc.


Founded by the same person as Virtual Tourist, a social media site dedicated to asking others unique travel quesitons about places. Good for asking questions about common travel destinations, but you may have trouble finding people who have been to off the beaten path cities and places.

CNN Travel

One of the best sites for researching all types of places, popular and unpopular.

Far West China

Website dedicated to travel and living in Xinjiang, China’s westernmost province.

The Land of Snows

Website dedicated to travel and living in Tibet.

Lonely Planet Thron Tree Forum

Forums where travelers may commiserate about world travel. This can have some good information about different trips people have taken. Lonely Planet also produces decet phrasebooks which are great for learning the grammar of different languages.