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Nick Pic 2Hi, I’m Nick and I want to show you how you can teach English, travel, learn Chinese and find work in China!

The China Life Files mission is to share with you how to travel, teach English, learn Mandarin Chinese and find work in China. Information on this site and in my book includes travel and flight deals, tips on how to find work abroad (or anywhere), tools and tricks for learning a foreign language, travel videos, travelogues, how to get a Chinese driver’s license, dating in China and a lot more.

Where To Begin

If you’re new to the site you may want to take a look at some of the more popular posts as well as some of my favorites.

Dreaming of Zhongshan / 中山梦 – A short film about a foreigner living in China.
Hui Hang Caravan Trail – A guide to hiking the Anhui – Hangzhou caravan trail not far from Shanghai. Includes directions, lodging, pictures and videos.
22 Tips on Your First Trip To China – Advice for your first trip to China.
Books about China – A list of good reads about China.
FAQs – Answers to questions people ask when considering moving to China to teach English.

About Me

I moved to China in 2007 to teach English in a city called Zhongshan in Guangdong province after graduating from university. Before moving to China I didn’t know any Chinese and I learned in my free time after I arrived.

I taught at a college in Zhongshan for 3 years and became fluent in Mandarin and traveled all over China and to many other Asian countries. After those 3 years I moved back to the United States where I’m from originally. Feeling bored back home and like I made a mistake, I moved back to China to start an English training center for students in Jiangmen, Guangdong province several months later.

My co-founders and I set up an English school and taught for one summer. After helping found the school, I found a job as a cultural liaison, translator, interpreter, and English teacher with an international design and manufacturing company in a city called Jiaxing, near Shanghai.

After 2 years with this company I moved back to Zhongshan to direct and produce a film that my friends and I had been writing for the last year.

At this point I moved back to the United States and started writing a book cataloguing my adventures which would give others interested in this type of life a resource for doing something similar. In the meantime I currently work as a Mandarin interpreter and translator for medical providers, schools and businesses.

What I am most passionate about is creating books, videos, posts, and tools for the enjoyment of people interested in improving themselves, starting their own businesses, alternative lifestylers, and just good old entertainment. I also like meeting new people. My hobbies include learning Cantonese and Shanghainese, piano, traveling, improv, and dancing. I want to learn how to sail and scuba dive.

What’s your biggest challenge these days? Contact me here and tell me.